betrifft: Billiges Fleisch

Wer bezahlt für die kleinen Preise?

Germans enjoy cheap meat - rarely have they spent less money on food. To understand the conditions under which beef is produced in South America, the team travels to Brazil - one of the largest meat producers in the international market. But while strict environmental standards apply to farmers in the EU, cheap meat is still produced in Brazil at the expense of people, animals and the environment. 


Director: Tatjana Mischke

Tatjana Mischke works as a journalist, author and editor for, among others, ARD, WDR, SWR, Vox and Arte. Her work has repeatedly attracted international attention through intensive and investigative research.
and investigative research - for example in the reappraisal and clarification of the umbrella assassination in the cinema documentary documentary film "Zum Schweigen gebracht" by Klaus Dexel. Or in the 90-minute documentary "The WHO - in the grip of lobbyists?" (Arte 2017).

44 Min.
Director: Tatjana Mischke
Script: Tatjana Mischke
Cinematography: Gerado Milsztein, Manoela Meyer (Brasilien), Eduardo Duwe (Brasilien), Florian Bentele
Editing: Dirk Hergenhahn
Narrator: Simon Roden
Editor: Hans-Michael Kassel, Marina Treuter
Producer: thurnfilm
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