Der Geist des Nordens

Their tenacity is the stuff of many Nordic legends, but their sparse tracks have remained obliterated until now - wolverines, also called bear martens, are made for life in the extreme regions of the Russian-Finnish borderlands. This film gives the first insight into this mysterious world and shows how Freya, a 3-year-old wolverine mother, tries against all odds to bring her cub through its first year.  


Director: Alexander Sletten

Alexander Sletten is a filmmaker who has been commissioned by the BBC, National Geographic, Smithsonian Network and Discovery.

50 Min.
Director: Alexander Sletten
Script: Kira Ivanoff
Cinematography: Alexander Sletten
Editing: Keith Fraser
Music: Benjamin Willem
Narrator: Angelika Lang
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von Terra Mater Factual Studios Smithsonian Networks und ZDF/ARTE
Nominations: sh:z Audience Award 2022
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