Die Lübecker Bucht

überraschend wild

Sun romantic vacation beaches and a fresh breeze - that is the Bay of Lubeck. It offers fine sandy beaches unique dune landscapes and rugged cliffs. Extraordinary animals live here in secret such as the otter, the Arctic tern, the wart biter or the now rare lapwing.  Klaus Weissmann and Wilma Kock, two wildlife filmmakers were on the road for two years. From Fehmarn to Travemuende, they have discovered wild natural oases and animals that are full of surprises. 


Director: Wilma Kock

Director: Klaus Weißmann

From early childhood on Klaus Weissmann’s passion has been watching animals and nature. The trained biologist works as a freelance author and cameraman. Starting in 1998 he has been producing documentaries focused on nature and species, science and expeditions for German’s public service broadcasting channels. With every new project he tries to find the right mixture of ‘infotainment’ and takes a humorous approach in order to awaken his audience’s interest in animals and nature.

43 Min.
Director: Wilma Kock, Klaus Weißmann
Script: Klaus Weissmann & Wilma Kock
Cinematography: Klaus Weissmann & Wilma Kock
Editing: Katrin Dücker-Eckloff
Music: Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Conny Wolter
Editor: Britta Kiesewetter, Ralf Quibeldey
Producer: naturfilm Klaus Weissmannn im Auftrag von NDR doclights
Website URL: www.naturfilm.com