Die Wilden 12 - Unsere Zoos im Westen, Teil 3

In the third part of our series " The Wild Twelve" you will visit the zoological gardens and aquariums in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Duisburg. Since the animal hotspots in NRW no longer catch animals in the 'wild', they breed them themselves. The zoo directors and their staff are helped in this by their wealth of experience. After all, the animal way of life has to be taken into account to ensure that offspring are produced.


In Cologne, the Asian elephants reproduce so well that some of the pachyderms have to move to a friendly zoo. And to prevent hippopotamuses from having too many offspring, birth control pills are available - but in XXL size. Ursula the octopus in Düsseldorf lives alone - she needs something tricky to do every day. The naked octopuses next door never get bored. They have to see how they get along with their fellow species in the colony. In the largest lion enclosure in the West, Wuppertal offers its big cats a retirement home, and the new spacious Aralandia aviary is a perfect mating place for colorful parrots. In Duisburg, unfortunately, the male koala is rarely allowed to see the female. Preprogrammed quarrels between the sexes are thus avoided. Nevertheless, the rare sheep-breeding sessions are a complete success. The Wild Twelve of North Rhine-Westphalia carefully and thoughtfully provide for zoo offspring and thus also for the preservation of many endangered animal species.

This film will be shown only online as part of "one film - one day".


Director: Herbert Ostwald

Herbert Ostwald studierte Biologie in Berlin, arbeitete seit 1988 beim SFB-Hörfunk als Reporter und bei der Tageszeitung „Neue Zeit“ als Redakteur. Seit 1995 macht Ostwald kurze und lange Filme über Mensch, Tier und Umwelt und Wissenschaft u.a. für ARD, ZDF, Arte, terramater und National Geographic. 1997 Teilnehmer der „Wildlife Filmmaking School“ in Schweden. 2002 Teilnehmer der „Discovery Campus Masterschool“ in München. 2003 für „Fabelhaftes Langohr“ beim Grimme-Preis nominiert, hat Ostwald zahlreiche Preise bei nationalen und internationalen Festivals gewonnen, zuletzt den „Big Panda“-Wissenschaftspreis mit „Nacktmulle – Superhelden der Forschung“ beim „Wildscreen“-Festival in Bristol/England.

45 Min.
Director: Herbert Ostwald
Script: Herbert Ostwald
Cinematography: Erik Sick
Editing: Isabelle Albert
Music: Sebastian Schmidt
Narrator: Catherine Vogel
Editor: Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR)
Producer: Thomas Weidenbach & Sarah Zierul (Längengrad Filmproduktion)
Website URL: https://www.laengengrad-filmproduktion.de/portfolio/die-wilden-12/