Geburt eines Regenwurms

Everyone is familiar with a lobworm. We have all seen some when, for example, digging up a garden. But how did the extremely useful "soil worker" actually see the light of day? Filmed with a microscopic lens, it is fascinating to see what happens inside the egg cocoon before the little worm forces itself out into the open through the "bottleneck" of the cocoon.

This film will be shown in the short film program for Kids 2022.




Director: Joachim Hinz

Joachim Hinz, born 1953 in Eutin (Schleswig-Holstein), has been making nature films since 1981. In this period he acted as director, cinematographer and producer in Germany and abroad on more than 50 films for ARD, ZDF and for the Institut für Weltkunde (WBF/Hamburg), a provider of educational media .
Mr. Hinz, whose main profession is that of a vocational school teacher, lives with his wife in Aukrug, a town in Schleswig-Holstein, about 30 km southwest of Kiel.

3 Min.
Director: Joachim Hinz
Script: Joachim Hinz
Cinematography: J. Hinz
Editing: J. Hinz
Music: ----
Narrator: J. Hinz
Editor: --------
Producer: hinz naturfilm
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2022
Website URL: hinz