Grönland - Wilde Natur

Greenland is the largest island on earth. A mighty ice sheet covers more than 80 percent of its surface, and only the coasts are inhabited. It is a world of extremes. Marine biologist Uli Kunz explores nature above and below the water: How do animals and plants survive in this cold chamber - for example, the Greenland shark which can live for over 500 years? What about those strange columns that grow out of the seabed in the Ikka Fjord? And how does climate change alter this specific habitat?

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Director: Claudia Ruby

Claudia Ruby is a biologist and science journalist. After graduating in biology, she worked as a trainee at WDR in Cologne. Since 1999 she has been working as a freelance author and director for public broadcasters. Her main focus is on documentaries in the fields of medicine, environment and nature. She is an honorary member of the board of the association "WPK - Die Wissenschaftsjournalisten". She works as a reviewer for the "Mediendoktor Umwelt" of the University of Dortmund and is author of the "Riffreporter".

52 Min.
Director: Claudia Ruby
Script: Claudia Ruby
Cinematography: Torbjoern Karvang, Steffen Bohn, Christian Howe, Florian Huber, Uli Kunz,
Editing: Fabian Reisch, Claudia Spoden
Music: Paul Rabiger
Narrator: Uli Kunz
Editor: Marita Hübinger, Ricarda Schlosshan
Producer: Simone Betz Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion
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