Expeditions to the Last of their Kind

Also in this documentary series Andreas Kieling, known as the "Bear Man", manages to capture on film exceptional encounters with fascinating animals in the most distant areas of the world. The animal filmmaker wandered to the most remote corners of the earth to capture images of animals which are threatened by extinction. In this part of the series he goes in search of comodo dragons in Indonesian, mountain gorillas in Rwanda and blue bears in Alaska.


Director: Andreas Kieling

After escaping from the GDR in 1979, Andreas Kieling travelled overseas on merchant ships from 1977 until 1980. From 1980 until 1983 he successfully completed a forestal and hunting apprenticeship in northern Germany, attaining the degree of a hunting ground master (Revierjagsmeister). After several longer stays abroad in Asia and America (1986-1990) Kieling has been working as a documentary filmmaker since 1991.

43 Min.
Director: Andreas Kieling
Script: Andreas Kieling
Cinematography: Frank Gutsche, Luana Carina Knipfer, Andreas Kieling, Berti Kropac
Editing: Josef van Ooyen, Natascha Cartolaro
Music: Oliver Heuss
Editor: Dr. Renate Marel
Website URL: www.zdf.de