Hilfe! Der Maulwurf ist da!

He came in the dark season - quietly, underground: The common mole has taken over the Kirchbarkau soccer field. This will be the classic fight: Club president vs. mole - who will prevail?


Director: Tim Oliver Boehme

Tim Oliver Boehme is a multi-award-winning German producer, director and cinematographer who was born in 1966 on the Flensburg Fjord. At the age of ten, he emigrated with his mother and little brother to the USA, where he later studied "Broadcast Production" at the University of Wisconsin, for which he was awarded magna cum laude in 1989. After a world-spanning journey, he came back to Europe in 1992 for "love" and initially worked as a cameraman and editor for many German broadcasting companies.

In 2007 Tim Boehme tried his hand as an author for the first time. His film "Pflegen bis zum Gehtnichtmehr" is about the courageous mother of a severely disabled adult son. His very first film was broadcast by NDR. Since then, the filmmaker has been particularly committed to social and ecological issues. It is precisely those people who are on the fringes of society that the multi-nominated and award-winning filmmaker wants to give a voice through his works.

The father of two sons lives in a small village near Kiel. Many of his film ideas arise directly from communal village life and the surrounding nature.

29 Min.
Director: Tim Oliver Boehme
Script: Tim Boehme
Cinematography: Tim Boehme / Joachim Hinz
Editing: Omar Sultan
Narrator: Peter Bieringer