Kanada - Der weite Norden

Canada is a country of superlatives. With an area of nearly 10 million square kilometers, more than two million rivers and lakes, the largest intact forest area and the longest coastline in the world, it is a world unto itself. This documentary shows the spectacular nature and wilderness of the second largest state on earth.


Director: Verity White

Director: Patrick MORRIS

50 Min.
Director: Verity White, Patrick MORRIS
Script: Patrick Morris, Verity White
Cinematography: Jeff Turner, Justin Maguire, Sam Ellis, Martyn Colbeck, Andrew Manske, Florian Graner, Adam Ravitch
Editing: David Warner, Julie Wild
Music: Michael Kruk
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Martin Mészàros Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Produktion von TERRA MATER STUDIOS, BRIAN LEITH PRODUCTIONS, IMPALA FILMS, RIVER ROAD FILMS in Koproduktion mit The WNET Group in Zusammenarbeit mit PBS und CPB
Website URL: https://www.terramater.at/productions/canada-surviving-the-wild-north/