Koala, Wombat & Co.

After the devastating fires in Australia, the surviving wild animals have a long road ahead of them until they recover. Volunteers rescue koalas, kangaroos, wombats and parrots and care for them until they return to freedom. These are touching stories of compassion and dedication. Protecting wildlife from the effects of climate change remains a challenge.

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Director: Anja Taylor

Anja Taylor is an Australian specialist science and wildlife writer, director, producer. Anja has produced more than 80 long-form, prime-time science programs from concept to broadcast for Catalyst at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Director: Max Bourke

United Kingdom
43 Min.
Director: Anja Taylor, Max Bourke
Script: Max Bourke, Anja Taylor
Cinematography: Benjamin Cunningham, Peter Coleman, Beau Eastman, Chris Miller
Editing: Jonnie Morris
Music: Audio Network
Narrator: Gilles Karolyi
Editor: Petra Boden, ZDF
Producer: Wildbear Entertainment