Directed by Bryn Chainey, the video for “Legacy” chronicles the loss of a beloved pet mouse, and a young girl’s fascination for death and eclectic funerals.


Director: Bryn Chainey

Bryn Chainey (*1986, UK) is a writer/director based in Berlin. In 2006 he graduated from the Griffith Film School in Australia and since then has screened work in over 50 international film festivals. In 2010 he received the Berlin Today Award at the Berlin International Film Festival for his short film ‘Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness’. In 2011 he received a fellowship from the NIPKOW Programm to develop his first feature screenplay.

4 Min.
Director: Bryn Chainey
Script: Bryn Chainey
Cinematography: Anselm Belser, Cate Smierciak
Editing: Bryn Chainey
Music: Alcoholic Faith Mission
Nominations: Wild Laugh 2013