LIFE FORCE The Arid Namib

The Namib is one of the harshest places on earth but is home to many animal and plant species. The ocean current that prevents rainfall also creates fog banks and drives an ecosystem that attracts seals to the coast and supports desert predators.


Director: Makoto Kita

Makoto Kita conceived and directed diverse programming that included documentaries, live sports coverage, and music shows. He transferred to NHK’s main production affiliate, NHK Enterprises, where his output includes more than 10 editions of the popular wildlife show “Nature Wonder Land”. For “The Arid Namib”, he spent more than 150 days shooting in the Namib Desert. The program captures the grand scale of the landscape and gives a new perspective on the desert’s wildlife by focusing on termites.

Director: Makoto Kita
Script: Job Rustenhoven
Cinematography: Hiroyuki Kozako
Editing: Cameron Crawford
Narrator: Jeff Wilburn
Editor: NHK
Awards: Best Cinematography 2015
Nominations: Best Cinematography 2015,
Best Ecology and Science Film 2015
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