Natural Disasters mega regulators

Mankind has always feared natural disasters and science is now seeing them from a new angle. More and more scientists view our planet as a complex organism with its various elements constantly interacting. An upset of the balance When a balance is upset one or several cataclysms intervene and create a new balance. These are brutal, ruthless, dangerous for living species but they act as regulators and contribute to ensure the workings of the planet. 

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Director: Christine TOURNADRE

Christine Tournadre has been directing documentaries since 2008. A sociologist and filmmaker, she has lived and worked in Scotland, Russia, Columbia, New York and Indonesia. Today she resides in Paris. She has made some ten documentaries which were broadcast on many networks. Her two latest films are Papouasie (Papua), an expedition to the heart of a lost world for the ARTE TV Human Adventure slot (recipient of 5 awards at international festivals) and Serge, condamné à mort (Serge on Death Row) for France 3 and Public Sénat, Grand Prix winner at FIGRA 2018.

France Belgium
90 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Christine TOURNADRE
Script: Christine TOURNADRE / Estelle RAFFIN / Bernard MATHIEU
Cinematography: Jean-Pierre RIVALAIN / Hervé GLABECK / Harvey CHANG / Steve PITRE / Duncan CLARK
Editing: John PIRARD
Music: Baptiste CHARVET
Narrator: Patrick RIDREMONT
Producer: cocottesminute productions / Eklektik Productions
Nominations: Best Science Film 2022
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