Mount St. Helens - The Volcano is Alive

Mount St. Helens on the west coast of the USA exploded 30 years ago. After the smoke and steam had passed, there remained a remarkable image - the volcano had transformed the green forests and mountain lakes into a moonscape. As shocking as this was, it soon became clear that the volcano had created a huge research laboratory. A visually stunning film which makes the explosion of the mountain and the return of life not only comprehensible but an experience.


Director: Dr. Heinz Leger

Heinz Leger studierte Kommunikation, Journalismus und Politikwissenschaften in Salzburg und Journalismus in Paris. Von 1990 an arbeitet er als freier Produzent für das ORF. Seit 2000 ist er auch als Autor und Regisseur tätig und produzierte über 300 Features.

Director: Jörg Daniel Hissen

BIOGRAPHY: Jörg Daniel Hissen

27.12.1964 Born in Heidelberg / Germany
1982 High School in Portland, Oregon USA
1984 German Abitur (High School Diploma) in Heidelberg, Germany
1984 Spanish classes at Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
1984-85 Classes in French at University Sorbonne in Paris
1985 Photography assistent in Copenhagen, Danmark
1986-92 University of Hamburg, Germany, studies in political science
1990-96 Hochschule für bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts) Hamburg
Studies in Documentary Film
2000 Co-Founder of ParkFilm, Hamburg
2005 Founder of Riverside Film Hamburg

52 Min.
Director: Dr. Heinz Leger, Jörg Daniel Hissen
Script: Jörg Daniel Hissen, Heinz Leger
Cinematography: Josef Neuper
Editing: Sebastian Würger
Music: Roman Kariolou
Narrator: Otto Clemens, Peter Faerber, Victor Couzyn
Editor: Martin Pieper
Awards: Best Film 2010
Nominations: Best Sounddesign 2010,
Best Film 2010
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