Osprey: Sea Raptor

On the east coast of North America an osprey soars over a tiny saltmarsh at the delta of the Connecticut River. He has just flown over 6000 kilometers to the place where he will re-join his mate. As the reunited pair mates and broods their eggs, foxes, deer and scores of migrating shorebirds bring summer’s hustle and bustle back to the saltmarsh. Over the course of one summer, they fend of enemies, catch hundreds of fish, and raise their tiny chicks into the next generation of sea raptors.


Director: Jacob Steinberg

Jacob Steinberg was born in New York where he studied digital filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. He is the owner and managing director of CosmoVision Media Group, a full-service premium production company specializing in high-end documentary film for television and cinema.

United States
52 Min.
Director: Jacob Steinberg
Script: Janet Hess
Cinematography: Jacob Steinberg
Editing: Jim Isler
Music: Lenny Williams and Chris Biondo
Narrator: Sean Bean
Producer: A Production of The WNET Group and Blue Ant Commissioning USA LLC in association with CosmoVision Media Group, LLC for Love Nature
Website URL: https://cosmovisionmedia.com/portfolio/osprey/