Mystery of the Fairy Circles

Namibia’s fairy circles are a natural phenomenon science still cannot explain. Traveling with Prof. Jürgens from the University of Hamburg the film crew ventures on an exciting expedition.

Director: Barbara Fally-Puskás

Since 1986, Barbara Fally-Puskás worked as a freelancer in the programme promotion of ORF. In 1990 she began studying landscape ecology. From 1991 she contributed to several ORF-productions as assistant director. From 1994-1996 she was a freelancer at Confetti TiVi.
Aside from starting a course in advanced Latin American studies, she initiated a cooperation with director Harald Pokieser in 1996 and worked as head author and director in several ORF-series.

50 Min.
Director: Barbara Fally-Puskás
Script: Barbara Fally-Puskas
Cinematography: Josef Neuper, Ian McCarthy
Editing: Jörg Achatz
Music: Kurt Adametz
Narrator: Alexandra Krismer, Peter Faerber
Editor: Andrew Solomon
Nominations: Best Science Film 2012