plan b: Boden gut machen - Richtig Ackern fürs Klima

Every year, we lose 15 million soccer fields of good soil worldwide. It is concreted over, treated with chemicals, and carelessly cultivated. Yet it is literally the basis of life. Healthy soils not only produce healthy food. They provide habitats for numerous species - and are a key to saving the climate! Pioneers, researchers and doers have recognized this potential and are making up for lost soil.


This film is shown in double feature 7.


Director: Wolfram Huke

Director, cinematographer and documentary writer. He believes in good television and is addicted to swing dancing.
His documentary film "Love Alien" was shown in cinemas and on television and he published a book under the same title with Fischerverlag. Studied philosophy and film directing in Munich, while also training as a journalist. Lives and works in Leipzig.

Director: Pia Schädel

Pia Schädel, born 1984, lives in Wiesbaden and works there as a producer and author.
While studying journalism in Mainz, she was thrown in at the deep end and took over the filming direction for a ZDFinfo travel magazine. Today, she mainly focuses on environmental, natural science and historical topics. The shoots sometimes take her to melting alpine glaciers, sometimes to swaying sailboats, but she is always concerned with a positive view and the search for people who are changing the world.

30 Min.
Director: Wolfram Huke, Pia Schädel
Script: Wolfram Huke, Pia Schädel
Cinematography: Marc Franke, Moritz Bauer, Olaf Bitterhoff, Michael Damm
Narrator: Jessica Walther-Gabory
Editor: Christian Dezer (ZDF)
Producer: Andrea Haas-Blenske (IFAGE Filmproduktion GmbH)
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