Radioaktive Wolves

25 years after the big nuclear accident,wolves reign the radio-actively contaminated no-man's-land of Chernobyl.Carnivore experts from Germany and Austria visited the zone to get a personal impression.

Director: Klaus Feichtenberger

Klaus Feichtenberger, M.A., Austrian, born 1953, studied German and English Literature, Translation Studies and General Linguistics in Graz and Southampton. Worked as university lecturer, staff and freelance translator, interpreter, writer, journalist, photographer, cameraman, staff editor (ORF Natural History Unit), staff (ORF/BBC NHUs) and independent film producer.

50 Min.
Director: Klaus Feichtenberger
Script: Klaus Feichtenberger
Cinematography: Igor Byschnew, Hubert Doppler
Editing: Sonja Lesowski
Music: Markus Pöchinger
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: Andrew Solomon