planet e.: Wundermittel Wasserstoff

Bringt die saubere Energie mehr Klimaschutz?

Green hydrogen burns cleanly. The eco-gas is supposed to save the world from global warming. A kick for climate protection? Or a multi-billion dollars mistake? In fact, the technology is still in its infancy. Far more green electricity is needed to produce it than is currently available. Nevertheless, green hydrogen is considered a miracle cure on the road to climate neutrality. The potential is enormous, but so are the hurdles.

This film is shown in double feature 3.


Director: Mark Hugo

Mark Hugo was born in Schweinfurt in 1969. After studying journalism in Munich, he worked for several years as a reporter and final editor at a regional TV station in the Bavarian capital. In 2000, he moved to ZDF in Mainz. The stations there: first the online news, then for many years the heute editorial department, where Hugo worked as a final editor, reporter and at times also as a presenter. Since 2017, Mark Hugo has been an editor and author in the ZDF environment editorial department.

30 Min.
Director: Mark Hugo
Script: Mark Hugo
Cinematography: Ralph Zeilinger, Mathias Windrath, Bernd Huß
Editing: Walter Freund
Music: ----
Narrator: Heiko Grauel
Editor: Martin Ordolff, Volker Angres (ZDF)
Producer: Marion Weppler, Sigrid Beck (ZDF)
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