Return of the Hoopoe

Across Europe Hoopoes are struggling. But amidst the vineyards of the Wagram region near Vienna this strange bird with the spectacular ‘crown’ of feathers thrives.


Director: Stefan Polasek

Director: Florian Berger

Florian Berger
Having worked as free-lance cameraman and cutter/editor for numerous leading Austrian and German production houses, Florian started working as a director and screenwriter for Austrian and international broadcasters and commercial clients. His strong interest in contemporary and fine arts and his musical education - Florian plays, amongst other instruments, the classical violin - has made him a much sought-after editor and director of Lifestyle-, Fashion- and Arts-formats. As television journalist, Florian has produced and directed numerous 50-min. reportages for ORF, RTL, SPIEGEL-TV and ATV during the last years, as well as numerous tv-features. Apart from his position as company director of Kubefilm GmbH, Florian is responsible for the creative development as well as assuming artistic directing, pre- and post-production responsibilities for a variety of fictional and non-fictional formats, ranging from television films and documentaries to image films and commercials.

50 Min.
Director: Stefan Polasek, Florian Berger
Script: Florian Berger, Stefan Polasek
Cinematography: Peter Kullmann, Istvan Nadaskay, Francois Botha
Editing: Florian Berger, David Kalla
Music: Florian Krämmer
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: Andrew Solomon