Robert Marc Lehmann - Dem Fuchshai auf der Spur

One of the rarest animals in the world can be found off the Philippine island of Malapascua: the thresher shark. But it is threatened - among other things by the pollution of the sea with plastic waste. German Julian Engel has made it his mission to preserve the thresher shark's habitat. But in order for him to show the world this rare animal, he needs footage of it. Just the right mission for Robert Marc Lehmann. To get the thresher shark in front of his lens, he has to pull out all the stops.


Director: Paula Kormos

Director: Robert Marc Lehmann

- born on 7.2.1983 in Jena, Germany
- Studies of marine biology, zoology & forensic medicine in Kiel, Germany
- Training as research diver & head of operations for research divers
- Head of department of the largest aquarium in Europe (Ozeaneum) 2008-2009
- photographer & cameraman, adventurer & environmentalist
- traveled to more than 100 countries on all continents & dived in all climate zones
- worldwide undercover missions to rescue animals & document environmental crimes

Germany Philippines
43 Min.
Director: Paula Kormos, Robert Marc Lehmann
Script: Paula Kormos, Robert Marc Lehmann
Cinematography: Sebastian Unger, Robert Marc Lehmann, Benedikt Hugendubel, Manuel Müller
Editing: Markus Kauert
Narrator: Philipp Schepmann
Editor: Jan Biekehör, Holger Hufen (VOX)
Producer: Ralph Becker, Reinhold Geneikis, Thomas Luzar (spin TV)
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