Robert Marc Lehmann - Mission Earth

"Mission Earth" ALWAYS starts with a photo. A photo that tells the story of a focal point in nature, an animal at the brink of extinction or an endangered ecosystem. The photo is shot by Robert Marc Lehmann and the film tells the story of its making.


Director: Paula Kormos

Director: Robert Marc Lehmann

Germany Indonesia
53 Min.
Director: Paula Kormos, Robert Marc Lehmann
Script: Paula Kormos
Cinematography: Robert Marc Lehmann, Björn Lindenblatt, Sebastian Unger
Editing: Reinhold Geneikis
Narrator: Philipp Schepmann
Editor: Jan Biekehör, Holger Hufen
Producer: Thomas Luzar, Reinhold Geneikis (spin TV)
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2020,
Award of the Juvenile Jury 2020
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