Schutz und Förderung der Mopsfledermaus in Deutschland

Teil 1: Die Mopsfledermaus im Porträt, Teil 2: Projektpartner und Arbeitsmethoden

In the first part, the science film portrays the barbastelle, one of the rarest and most endangered forest bats in Europe. The second part of the film presents the nationwide joint project "Protection and Promotion of the Barbastelle in Germany". It vividly demonstrates how new scientific methods are being used to gain insights into the ecology and distribution of the species, and how strategies and measures are being developed to improve the living conditions of this primeval forest bat.

This film is shown in double feature 5.


Director: Babette Köhler

Babette Köhler (born 1964) is a landscape planner. For her, film is a strong form of expression to share her enthusiasm for nature. For several years she has been working full-time for köbri films with a focus on production, screenwriting and directing.

Director: Robert Brinkmann

Dr. Robert Brinkmann (born 1964) has been working in wildlife ecology research and conservation for 30 years. For several years, he has dedicated himself to his second passion, nature film. His goal is to promote the conservation of biodiversity with exciting animal and nature documentaries.

29 Min.
Director: Babette Köhler, Robert Brinkmann
Script: Babette Köhler, Robert Brinkmann
Cinematography: Robert Brinkmann, Paul Köhler, Niklas Scherer
Editing: Robert Brinkmann, Paul Köhler
Music: Artlist
Narrator: Sybille-Maria Kleinschmitt
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