Stay-at-Home Animal Dads

Focusing on the “unsung heroes of the animal kingdom”, Stay-At-Home Animal Dads explores a world where little-known fathers take on the task of childrearing on their own. From pregnant male seahorses to “super dad” male emus, incubating eggs for months on end, to peculiar plainfin midshipman, a fish father that nests on the rocky shores of southern British Columbia, we follow the hardships, devotions, and quirky wild lifestyles exemplary of male-only care.

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Director: Ari A. Cohen

Ari A. Cohen is the President and founder of Rotating Planet Productions and is the Vice-President of DOC Quebec. Moroccan born Ari holds a Graduate Degree from Concordia University in Arts Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. For 20 years Ari has created, produced and directed numerous award-winning documentaries, TV series and music videos.

48 Min.
Director: Ari A. Cohen
Script: Ari A. Cohen, Lesley Evans Ogden
Cinematography: Samuel Ellis, Chris Wheeler, Cristian Dimitrius, Eric Börjeson, Malcom Ludgate, Matthew Gormley
Editing: Abraham Lifshitz
Music: Dina Cindric
Producer: Rotating Planet Productions
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