Super Mother of the Oceans - Sea Lions on the Australian Coast

Off the south coast of Australia there is one of the last living spaces of the Australian sea lion. The current 12,000 animals of this species are regarded as unique among biologist and scientist: sea lion mothers suckle their young for about one year - in contrast to the other types of seal. The Australian biologist Simon Goldsworthy goes on an expedition which becomes a visual adventure in documentary filming using underwater images and the deployment of a "critter cam".


Director: Susan McMillan

I have worked in the TV industry for nineteen years, as a development exec, producer and writer for the BBC, independent film companies (eg. John Downer Productions, Essential Viewing) and American co producers (Discovery/Animal Planet/The Learning Channel). I specialise in producing and writing observational documentaries, drama docs and fast turn-around formatted series on popular science, human interest, travel, history, wildlife and the environment. I have extensive foreign filming experience in difficult and remote locations. The programmes and series I have worked on range from award winning big budget productions, to shoestring series on 16mm, 35mm and video. I was awarded a Royal Television Society award for the BBC/John Downer series 'Supernatural' as well as other awards for documentary production and writing.

I also write for TV, primarily treatments and commentary scripts, as well as developing and writing up new ideas and formats. I have an MA in creative writing and have also authored two children's books on the environment and science. Recent TV writing work has involved initiating and writing 2 new series ideas for Discovery US, writing an environmental drama treatment for Halo Films/BBC1 and writing the commentary scripts for a 15 part observational documentary for Discovery Health. In 2006, I was invited by Bath Spa University to design and deliver 13 lectures on writing for television.

I am currently working in Sydney, where I have set up my own small business as a writer and programme exec. Here, I have been commissioned by various companies (Becker Entertainment, Essential Viewing, SBS, Australian Film Commission) to write formats, series and programme treatments for international productions and oversee projects intended for international sales. I am due back in the UK in 2008.

43 Min.
Director: Susan McMillan
Script: Susan McMillan, Tina Dalton
Cinematography: Malcolm Ludgate (ACS)
Editing: Mark Fox
Music: Brett Aplin
Narrator: Ursula Illert
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger
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