The Beach - Wildlife around the Parasol

Sun, sand and the sea - for us humans, beaches are the epitome of vacation and relaxation. But beaches are also habitats for animals and plants. Often unnoticed between umbrellas and deck chairs, an amazing microcosm of nature unfolds - if you look closely. The film tells beach stories from the animals' point of view - sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and always surprising.

Director: Annette Scheurich

In her capacity as Managing Director of Marco Polo Film AG, Heidelberg, Annette Scheurich is responsible for development and production of documentaries. She began producing nature films in 1984 and with her filmmaker husband Klaus Scheurich is co-founder of the production company Marco Polo Film. She has been working as author and producer of numerous documentaries mainly in the genres nature film, science and adventure. Many of those films have won multiple awards. She works for national and international broadcasters and produced the award winning documentary “The White Diamond” directed by Werner Herzog.
She has been on the panel of various conferences and festivals, has coordinated workshops and moderated pitching sessions at GreenScreen, Dokville, Leipzig Pitching Session, Naturvision, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, The world Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP), Wildscreen and many more.

Director: Klaus Scheurich

Klaus Scheurich is a cinematographer and producer at Marco Polo Film AG in Heidelberg and in charge of development and production of documentary films.
He is a certified geologist and interested in nature, environmental and scientific themes. He is married to writer and filmmaker Annette Scheurich and has one son.
In 1986 Klaus Scheurich founded the production company Marco Polo Film together with his wife. Since then, he shot and produced numerous nature and expedition films, many of which have won international prizes. He works for national and international broadcasters and organisations and was behind the camera for Werner Herzogs award-winning documentary film „The White Diamond“.
Klaus Scheurich is one of the pioneers for shooting High Definition films in Germany. For years, he has been working with HD devices, gaining extensive in-depth knowledge. As an expert on HDTV, he is a frequent guest at panel discussions and lecturer at conferences, festivals and other events such as: Dokville, Science, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Naturale, Discovery Campus Symposium, ZDF-HD-Seminar, Insight-Out Hff Acadamy, Potsdam und IRT-Symposien.

43 Min.
Director: Annette Scheurich, Klaus Scheurich
Script: Annette Scheurich, Tim Förderer
Cinematography: Klaus Scheurich, Claudia Schmitt, Hendrik Schmitt
Editing: Armin Riegel
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller, Sebastian Haßler
Narrator: Matthias Keller
Editor: Christian Cools (ARTE G.E.I.E.)
Producer: Marco Polo Film AG
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