The Lerchenberg Adventure

The Lerchenberg Adventure“ tells the story about nature right outside our front door. Where humans and animals live next to each other but often don´t notice each other.


Director: Andreas Ewels

Andreas Ewels was born in 1969 in Münster. After an apprenticeship and studies he worked for the WDR, Stern TV, Focus TV, ZDF and ARD. The journalist produced over 200 documentaries in 18 years for TV dealing mostly with nature and environmental issues.

52 Min.
Director: Andreas Ewels
Script: Andreas Ewels
Cinematography: Norbert Porta, Klaus Scheurich, Dr. Heribert Schöller, Hartmut Idler, Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann, Gerhard Fleischer, Jürgen Rapp, Thomas Gutberlet
Editing: Markus Hermanns
Music: Rüdiger Gleisberg
Narrator: Hans Mittermüller
Editor: Alexandra Svendsen