The Lion Tree

A huge old fig tree grows in a river bed in western Zambia. It marks the territory of a lion pride which has been thriving here for years. Without any warning or explanation, the dominant male abandons the pride, leaving behind five females and their cubs. The alpha female must now lead her sisters and their young in difficult times. But soon, two very contrary lions from other prides have discovered the absence of an alpha male in the pride.

Director: Ralph Stutchbury

Ralph Stutchbury has been a film maker for over twenty five years. His father was a game warden in what was Northern Rhodesia, living in some of the most remote untouched wildlife areas in Africa. Growing up in the bush instilled in Ralph a knowledge about wild animals and a love of wild places.

50 Min.
Director: Ralph Stutchbury
Cinematography: Ralph Stutchbury
Music: Final Mix Online
Narrator: Geraldine Jackson
Editor: Ralph Stutchbury