The Secret World of the Termite

Brilliant architects: adjusting for the size of their builders,termite mounds are 25 times higher than the Empire State Building.Using unique macroshots, the film shows a fascinating creatures’ world.

Director: Wolfgang Thaler

born March 9, 1958 in the Austrian state of Carinthia
He studied at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in the department for movie and television, graduating with an M.A. in the field of camerawork.
Since 1990, he has been cameraman in 40 TV and cinema productions. As of 1999, he has also been active as scriptwriter and director.

50 Min.
Director: Wolfgang Thaler
Script: Wolfgang Thaler
Cinematography: Wolfgang Thaler
Editing: Anita Ehrenreich
Music: Alexander Kukelka
Narrator: Otto Clemens, Susanne Rossouw-McGuinness
Editor: Franz Fuchs
Nominations: Best Story 2012