The Show with the Mouse: The Far

For one whole year, the Show with the Mouse accompanied farmer Volker Gauchel on the job. Apart from growing small and big vegetables, he also raises cattle on his farm near Aachen. Many helping hands, a few tractors and trailers and a lot of knowledge about life on the fields and in the stable - that's what a farmer needs! Towards the end of spring, the Mouse team shows us what's been happening there in the past three months.


Director: Jan Marschner

From 1990 Jan Marschner worked for Flash Filmproduktion Armin Maiwald in Cologne, initially on the research staff, later as camera assistant, unit manager and assistant director. In 1994 his directorial debut was a children's documentary for the edutainment series "The Show with the Mouse". Since then, he has completed more than 150 features for this series and other programmes. As of 2009, he is a partner and manager of Flash Filmproduktion Armin Maiwald GmbH.

47 Min.
Director: Jan Marschner
Author: Jan Marschner
Camera: Kai v. Westermann, Stephan Neuhalfen
Editing: Harry Steinhäuser
Music: Peter Torringen
Speaker: Armin Maiwald
Editor: Joachim Lachmuth (WDR)
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