The Wild Gardener

Wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson returns home on a very personal project to turn his old childhood garden into a haven for native wildlife. After 30 years of filming the world’s most iconic creatures, Colin heads back to Ireland and a garden he spent his childhood summers spraying and mowing into a perfect lawn. But now he wants to transform his old playground into a sanctuary for the native plants and animals now struggling to survive on these islands and inspire viewers to do the same.


Director: John Murray

John Murray is managing director of Crossing the Line Productions, one of Ireland’s leading film producers. Over the last 20 years, he has directed over 30 films for some of the world’s leading broadcasters. John completed a degree in Zoology before joining RTÉ as a presenter and reporter on nine science, environmental and health series. In 1991 he made his first film chronicling the first Irish expedition to attempt an 8000m Himalayan peak and since then has made films on Everest, the North Pole, through the Northwest Passage, across Siberia and the Sahara amongst many other locations.

Director: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Ireland United Kingdom
59 Min.
Director: John Murray, Jamie Fitzpatrick
Cinematography: John Murray, Domenico Pontillo, Brian O'Leary
Editing: Jamie Fitzpatrick
Music: Daniel Fitzpatrick
Narrator: Colin Stafford-Johnson
Editor: BBC
Producer: Cepa Giblin, Crossing the Line Productions