Tokyo's Lost Islands: Sofugan

In Tokyo, there are unapproachable "lost islands" where unspoiled environs cradle rich wildlife. Sofugan is a 100-meter-high solitary rock pillar standing in the ocean 650km south of the capital city's center. Remote and difficult to access, it had never been explored in detail. A group of scientists and engineers set out on a two-year survey. This program records their journey, along with the creatures they discover - from unusual species to mysterious marine life in the deep sea.

Director: Yasuhiro Koyama

49 Min.
Director: Yasuhiro Koyama
Camera: Eiji Kono, Yukihide Tamura, Yota Tomino, Kazuhiro Koyanagi, Yasumasa Yamamoto
Editing: Nobuhiro Sawamura
Music: Tadayoshi Makino
Speaker: Jack Merluzzi
Producer: NHK in association with NHK Enterprises