Überleben in der Heißzeit: Pflanzen und Tiere

A new hot spell that will profoundly change the Earth is casting its shadow. Scientists are investigating what the future of our ecosystems might look like by reconstructing how plants and animals reacted during past hot spells. This documentary accompanies them on their forensic research. They find out that in the past vegetation zones have shifted worldwide and that mammals have dwarfed.

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Director: Dirk Gilson

Germany United States South Africa Australia
52 Min.
Director: Dirk Gilson
Script: Dirk Gilson
Cinematography: Michael Kern, Frank Becht, Thomas Pretorius, Justin Brickle
Editing: Ariel Sages, Tobias Forth
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller, Sebastian Haßler, Lukas Fraedrich
Narrator: Sebastian Führ (dt Fassung), Ned Irving (engl. Fassung)
Editor: Caroline Reiher (zdf), Carmen Peter (zdf), Linde Dehner (zdf arte), Dr. Nikolas Hülbusch (zdf studios)
Producer: Laura Sages (Bilderfest GmbH)
Nominations: Best Science Film 2023
Website URL: www.bilderfest.de