Unsere Geschichte - Urknall im Watt

Als die Umwelt wichtig wurde

1972 was the year of the big bang for environmental protection and nature conservation: The Club of Rome shocked the world with a landmark report. The idea of a national park was born in North Frisia horrified large portions of the German population. Great economic disadvantages were forecast. 50 years later, the national park secures jobs not least in tourism, and is a strong backbone of nature conservation. NDR author Sven Jaax travels back in time and also talks about today.


Director: Sven Jaax

44 Min.
Director: Sven Jaax
Script: Sven Jaax
Cinematography: Meinhild Jach, Sven Jaax
Editing: Wolf Krannich
Narrator: Volker Hanisch
Editor: Christoph Mestmacher, NDR
Producer: Bettina Wieselhuber, NDR
Website URL: https://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/unsere_geschichte/Urknall-im-Watt-Als-die-Umwelt-wichtig-wurde,sendung1256542.html