Unsere Kontinente - Asien

Asia, the largest continent on earth, outbids itself in superlatives: it stretches from Siberia in the northeast to the Suez Canal in the southwest. Asia is home to the coldest place, the seismically hottest region and the highest mountains on the planet. The history of the supercontinent Asia began 55 million years ago.


Director: Friederike Schmidt-Vogt

In the 15 years, Friederike Schmidt-Vogt has worked on numerous internationally successful and award-winning television documentaries and series such as TerraX "Germany from above", "Russia from above" and "Migratory Birds" or also "Expedition into the Brain" and "Empire of Viruses", which have been licensed in over 60 countries. She joined Story House Productions in late 2019. Before her passion for glossy documentaries took hold, she studied German and Media Studies at Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf.

Germany Mongolia Israel Japan Vietnam Russia
43 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Friederike Schmidt-Vogt
Script: Susanne Rostosky, Sigrun Laste
Cinematography: Jürgen Rehberg
Editing: Ronald Rist, Holger Finck
Music: Paul Rabiger
Narrator: Claudia Gräf
Editor: Johannes Geiger, Katharina Kohl
Producer: Cora Szielasko-Schulz, Claudia Comprix, Anja Schneider, Christina Münster, Mirko Mikelskis
Website URL: http://www.zdf.de