Tits - Life in a Headwind

They just managed to survive the snow storm in the mountain forests. Now spring has arrived and life is easier for the tits. However, the daily search for sufficient food is challenging enough during the breeding season, as not all families survive this. The rigours of the weather and traditional enemies, such as domestic cats, sparrow hawks and other birds of prey, as well as the natural disappearance of nesting places add to their problems. Having survived all this, the autumn storms and the first mountain snow are a sign that the bleakest season will soon be here. But, at some stage the tits had decided to let the migratory birds go and to remain behind.


Director: Eberhard Meyer

Eberhard Meyer was working at the university for television and film in Munich
(Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film HFF) as an assistant and adjunct professor. Since 1975 he is a freelance writer and director. He is regulary travelling to Indonesia for enquiries and for the protection of species. 1999 he initialised the formation of the TURTLE FOUNDATION (Schildkröten-Stiftung). In 2001 he founded the company tigerbaby.tv media GmbH in Münsing-Ammerland

44 Min.
Director: Eberhard Meyer
Script: Eberhard Meyer
Cinematography: Ulrich Schramm, Eberhard Meyer
Editing: Brigitte Desinger
Music: Ulrich Rassy (Beratung)
Narrator: Gert Heidenreich
Editor: Angela Schmid