There are three habitats on our planet: Water, air and earth, sure. But some researchers claim there is a fourth, and that is slime ... Slime can glide and it can stick. Mucus can select, it can close and it can open. It can hold pathogens in place and lure them in. The abilities of the slimy mass, which is found everywhere in nature, are being explored more and more.

Director: Alexander Lahl

Alexander Lahl studied cultural sciences in Berlin, Wroc?aw and Frankfurt (Oder). Aside from working as a science journalist for the production company werwiewas, he is the author of many animated films and graphic novels.

Director: Max Mönch

Max Mönch grew up in Berlin. After graduating in history, political science and sociology, he has been working as an author for printmedia, film and television. He was one of the co-authors of the award-winning big-screen documentary "The Flag Bearer", which premiered in 2010. Since then, he has developed several science documentaries for ZDF/3sat, ARTE and others.

22 Min.
Director: Alexander Lahl, Max Mönch
Script: Alexander Lahl/ MaxMönch
Cinematography: Tom Sandmann
Editing: Thomas Bernecker
Music: Hannes Schulze
Narrator: Nora Tschirner
Editor: Meike Neumann
Producer: mobyDOK medienproduktion
Website URL: www.mobydok.de