Whales in misery

When in 2016 30 sperm whales ended up along the coast of the North Sea a group of German scientists started to research the matter. What were the reasons for the giants of the sea dying on a beach? Who is responsible for the death of the whales?

Director: Torsten Mehltretter

Born in 1967 in Mölln

1988-1991 studied Science of administration in Cologne and Lubeck majoring as public administration specialist
1994-1999 editor at 'Spiegel TV Magazin'
2001-2002 managing editor 'Max TV'
Since 2002 editor/managing editor for third party and commissioned content at 'Spiegel TV' with numerous reportages and documentation for VOX, Sat1 and ZDF tv stations.

Germany Denmark Norway
50 Min.
Director: Torsten Mehltretter
Author: Torsten Mehltretter
Camera: Axel Thiede, Florian Feldkamp, Thomas Hamelmann, Torsten Mehltretter
Editing: Sven Voß
Speaker: Martin May
Editor: Martin Ordolff, ZDF Planet e
Producer: Petra Mehltretter, Mehltretter Media GmbH
Nominations: Nordic Nature Film Award 2017