Whales in misery

When in 2016 30 sperm whales ended up along the coast of the North Sea a group of German scientists started to research the matter. What were the reasons for the giants of the sea dying on a beach? Who is responsible for the death of the whales?


Director: Torsten Mehltretter

Torsten Mehltretter has been working in the television industry for various broadcasters and programs since 1994. Since 2002 he has realized reports and documentaries for various formats. Among them 37 degrees, Terra X, Spiegel TV Special, ZDF-Zoom, Arte Entdeckungen, NDR Typisch or 3Sat Wissen.
From 2002 to 2012, he was an editor and editorial director at Spiegel TV, and in 2012 he set up his own company, Mehltretter Media GmbH, for which he set out to produce high-quality information formats.

Germany Denmark Norway
50 Min.
Director: Torsten Mehltretter
Script: Torsten Mehltretter
Cinematography: Axel Thiede, Florian Feldkamp, Thomas Hamelmann, Torsten Mehltretter
Editing: Sven Voß
Narrator: Martin May
Editor: Martin Ordolff, ZDF Planet e
Producer: Petra Mehltretter, Mehltretter Media GmbH
Nominations: Nordic Nature Film Award 2017