When the swallows fly away


In a small rural village, a young boy befriends farmers Fernand and Andrée, a couple in their eighties who have difficulties feeding their remaining livestock. The boy doubles his efforts to helps them but can't prevent the inevitable: they are forced to take the terrible decision to first give up their donkey, then their cherished cows selling them at the cattle market.

This film will be shown in the 2022 Short Film Program.

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Director: Sébastien PINS

19 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Sébastien PINS
Script: PINS Sébastien
Cinematography: PINS Sébastien
Editing: WATERLOT Romain
Music: REYES David
Narrator: GRUSLIN Benjamin
Editor: Alchimie Productions
Producer: PINS Sébastien
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2022
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2022
Website URL: https://www.hirondelleslefilm.com/en