Suffused with sounds from the history of cinema, we see waterways, locks, dams, wastewater etc, none of which appear exclusive or spectacular. A dialogue between water and man takes place.


Director: Carsten Aschmann

Filmmaker aka Hula-Offline (Department for Film, Video & Art)
1996 Honour as "Meisterschüler" Filmclass HBK-Braunschweig/Germany by Birgit Hein & Gerhard Büttenbender
Carsten aschmann lives and works in hannover. he has studied experimental-film at the hbk braunschweig in the filmclass by büttenbender and birgit hein. the last years he worked a lot as an editor and producer for documentary projects by hula-offline. Mainly he is a filmmaker, and a screenwriter. his films are screening worldwide.

15 Min.
Director: Carsten Aschmann
Script: Carsten Aschmann
Cinematography: Carsten Aschmann
Editing: Carsten Aschmann
Music: Dieter Moebius
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2012
Website URL: www.hula-offline.de