37°: Waldgold - Europas Urwald in Gefahr

In Romania there is seemingly an infinite amount of forest. Among them are the last primeval forests in Europe. The forest conservationists of "Agent Green" want to preserve these areas. They are also the habitats of brown bears, wolves, lynxes and numerous other animal species. Timber companies that deliver boards, construction timber and furniture all over the world, including to Germany, see one thing above all in the forests: valuable wood that can be had cheaply.


Director: Manfred Karremann

29 Min.
SUB: German
Director: Manfred Karremann
Script: Manfred Karremann
Cinematography: Paul Grohm, Manfred Karremann
Editing: Thomas Jakob
Narrator: Rita Ringheanu, Phillip Schepmann
Editor: Dr. Reinold Hartmann
Producer: Manfred Karremann, Christian Stachel
Website URL: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/37-grad/37-waldgold-100.html