A Bee's Diary

“A Bee’s Diary” portrays the life of one bee from birth to death, combining incredible footage with the latest science to capture the beauty of her world, the decisions she makes, and the drama that comes with being a bee.


Director: Dennis Wells

Dennis Wells started out as a radio journalist and studied sociology and media science in Düsseldorf. He worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of Düsseldorf before he moved to Vancouver to pursue a PhD in Sociology and work as a research assistant in project with First Nations. In 2008 he joined taglicht media and since then developed, produced and directed science and history documentaries for WDR, ZDF, arte, Smithsonian Channel and PBS. He now lives in Cologne, Germany.

Germany Canada
90 Min.
Director: Dennis Wells
Script: Dennis Wells, Heike Sperling
Cinematography: Brian McClatchy
Editing: Jan Stefan Kolbe
Music: Darren Fung
Narrator: Anna Thalbach, Nellie Thalbach
Editor: Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR)
Producer: Anja Klisch, Enzo Maaß, Uli Veith (taglicht media)
Awards: Best Story 2021,
Best Postproduction 2021,
GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Award 2021
Nominations: Best Story 2021,
Best Cinematography 2021,
Best Postproduction 2021