Ackern unter Bäumen

Landwirte entdecken den Agroforst

Climate change is here - how can you mitigate the consequences? More and more farmers see agroforestry as a solution: fields with rows of trees providing shade for crops and animals, protecting the soil from aridification and erosion, creating biodiversity and sequestering carbon. This is documented by the research of agricultural scientist Christian Dupraz in Montpellier. A group of Swabian farmers visit him to plan the conversion of their fields into agroforestry systems.


Director: Andrea Koeppler

Born 1961 in Montreal / Canada, moved to the Weser in 1969, graduated from high school in Oldenburg in 1981, went to Munich to study, graduated from LMU in 1986 with Mag. rer. Pol. During my studies I worked as a cable assistant at BR, then I had various jobs "in film" and at PR and event agencies. In 1990 I joined Bayerischer Rundfunk as a copywriter and there I discovered my calling: filmmaking! And of course: 1996 birth of my son Valentin.

Germany France
43 Min.
Director: Andrea Koeppler
Script: Andrea Koeppler
Cinematography: Christian Meckel, Hans Fischer, Bastian Esser, Thomas Rösing
Editing: Sébastien Grotti
Narrator: Katja Amberger
Editor: Eva Herzum
Producer: Bayerischer Rundfunk
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