Adventure Northsea

The northsea – capricious, unpredictable and full of secrets. At first sight it seems well known but under the waves there is a strange world. Primeval giant sharks are swimming through the English Canal. Gracil cuttlefish are gathering in the Netherlands Oosterschelde. Just a few hundred meters away from the beachchairs of Sylt there is the homeland of common porpoises, pipefish and ghost crabs.


Director: Florian Graner

Florian Graner (1969) studied biology in Zurich and marine biology in Liverpool. 1995 he worked for the association for protection of sea mammal. In that year he was starting his first cooperation with NDR. Since then he shoot countless movies as an under water cameraman

45 Min.
Director: Florian Graner
Cinematography: Florian Graner, Thoralf Grospitz, Jens Westphalen, Uwe Anders, Kevan Pegley
Editing: Mario Schöppler
Music: Kolja Erdmann
Narrator: Mark Bremer
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR)
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2008
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