Adventure ocean – at the reef of manta rays

Manta rays or blanket fish are actually too big to be hunted. However just offshore from Mosambiks the animals gather in huge numbers – all of them with big bite marks. Where are these lesions coming from? A research team try to solve the puzzle. Based out of a local fishing village they collect information with the help of diving observations and underwater transmitters which are attached to the injured mantas. The research revealed something astonishing. A underwater thriller where the main acts are manta rays, whale sharks and tiger sharks.


Director: Andreas Ewels

Andreas Ewels was born in 1969 in Münster. After an apprenticeship and studies he worked for the WDR, Stern TV, Focus TV, ZDF and ARD. The journalist produced over 200 documentaries in 18 years for TV dealing mostly with nature and environmental issues.

44 Min.
Director: Andreas Ewels
Cinematography: Thomas Behrend, Dave Charley, Roland Gockel, Christina Karliczek, Marco von der Schulenburg
Editing: Jan Schulz
Music: Lars Jebsen, Felix Halbe
Narrator: Mark Bremer
Editor: Jörn Röver, NDR
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