The Everglades is the world‘s only rain-fed flooded grassland and the largest subtropical wilderness of the United States. Not surprisingly this unique place has a rich wildlife. But it is under pressure by a legion of invasive animal and plant species.

Director: Zoltán Török

Hungarian documentary filmmaker Zoltan Török has been working for film and television for about 15 years. Living in Sweden at the moment, the graduated geographer is working on international productions and in cooperation with different production companies and broadcasters all over the world. As director, producer and cinematographer he has created numerous nature, wildlife and adventure programmes. He specialises in shooting at difficult and remote locations.

44 Min.
Director: Zoltán Török
Author: Zoltan Török
Camera: Zoltan Török
Editing: László Hargittai
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller, Oliver Heuss
Speaker: Michael Lott
Editor: L. Klinker (NDR/arte), R. Quibeldey (NDR), F. Fuchs (ORF)
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