Amerikas Fjorde - Unter Schwertwalen und Schwarzbären

In the northwest of North America vast mountain ranges stretch from California past Washington to Canada. In their centre part lies a huge bay, the American fjordlands. This fantastic landscape is the home of killer whales, sixgill sharks, giant octopus, sea lions, black bears, grizzlies and humming birds. The fjordlands of the Salish Sea seem like a paradise with their species richness and diverse landscapes including glaciers, rain forests, waterfalls and coves.


Director: Florian Graner

Florian Graner (1969) studied biology in Zurich and marine biology in Liverpool. 1995 he worked for the association for protection of sea mammal. In that year he was starting his first cooperation with NDR. Since then he shoot countless movies as an under water cameraman

45 Min.
Director: Florian Graner
Script: Florian Graner, Lothar Frenz
Cinematography: Florian Graner, Roland Gockel
Editing: Klaus Müller
Music: Felix Halbe, Lars Jebsen, Bernd Söhnel
Narrator: Christian Rode
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR)
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