An Eternal Battle – River and Sea in the Po Delt

Where river and sea join, a constant battle rages over new land. The delta seems to be shrinking, with dramatic consequences for man and animals. Is Italy in the process of losing one of its most fascinating landscapes?

Director: Ilona Riehl

Director: Günther Bludszuweit

44 Min.
Director: Ilona Riehl, Günther Bludszuweit
Author: Günther Bludszuweit
Camera: Günther Bludszuweit, Ilona Riehl, Simone Fuchs
Editing: Ilona Riehl
Music: Andreas Lenz von Ungern-Sternberg
Speaker: Gert Heidenreich
Editor: Udo A. Zimmermann, Natur und Tiere, Bayerisches Fernsehen
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