Andrea: Queen of Mantas

At up to 7 metres long, manta rays are one of the largest and most intelligent fish in the ocean. Yet despite their size and curious nature, almost nothing is known about their lives. ANDREA: QUEEN OF MANTAS charts a year in life of young American biologist, Dr. Andrea Marshall, who gave up everything for a life in remotest Mozambique, living alongside the largest population of mantas in the world. From the discovery of a giant new species to remarkable insights into manta's secretive lives; Andrea's findings are set to rock the world of marine biology.


Director: Mark Woodward

Having worked as an Assistant Producer on a number of award-winning wildlife documentaries for the likes of the BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic, and as an Associate Producer on the feature-length release Tortuga which hit German screens in 2009, ANDREA: QUEEN OF MANTAS is young British director, Mark Woodward's, directorial debut.

United Kingdom
60 Min.
Director: Mark Woodward
Script: Mark Woodward, Sarah Cunliffe
Cinematography: Chris Openshaw
Editing: Richard Wilkinson
Music: Al Lethbridge
Narrator: Alisdair Simpson
Editor: Sarah Cunliffe
Awards: Best Marine Film 2010
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2010
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