Animal Democracy

When necessity is the law in the wilderness, cooperation becomes indispensable. In Africa, among the most hierarchical animal societies, the chief consults with members of his group before taking action. Each species proceeds in its own way to make its point of view heard by the leader. Wild dogs sneeze, baboons walk in a certain direction, elephants growl and meerkats scream. What if democracy had been invented by animals? 


Director: Emma Baus

With a passion for travel, nature and science, Emma Baus keeps exploring the bond between humans, animals and their environments.
Born in 1973, Emma Baus grew up between Nîmes, Madrid and the Mediterranean Pyrenees. A graduate of Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence with also a BA in art history, she went on to do a post-graduate course in anthropological cinema at Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. From 2001, she directed radio documentaries for France Culture, including a program on writer Boris Vian. Besides, she made scientific TV reporting for France 5 health magazine (17 Juin Productions), France 2 (Gédéon Programmes) and the website of the European Commission (Gédéon).
Since 2005, she has writing and directing wildlife, discovery, and scientific documentaries. Her subjects took her on shoots in Siberia, India, the United States, Tanzania, China, Japan, and throughout Europe.
Her films are regularly selected in high-profile festivals such as Pariscience, where she was distinguished by the Innovation Award in 2017 for The Lost Worlds, a documentary trilogy about paleontological investigations. She contributed to the France 2 “Grandeur Nature” program with Three Little Kittens, Sunday at the Farm, and more recently Five little Pigs and Smart as a Goat (ZED Distribution) which explore the subtleties of animal intelligence.

52 Min.
Director: Emma Baus
Script: Emma Baus and Estelle Raffin
Cinematography: Edmond CARRERE / Ronan FOURNIER-CHRISTOL / Riaan VENTER / Dan MYBURG / Antoine CARRERE
Editing: Rémi DUMAS
Music: Samuel SAFA
Narrator: Marion KOEN
Producer: cocottesminute productions
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